What’s In Your Diabetic Time Capsule?

…what seven things would I put in a time capsule that would be opened in 100 years. As a person with diabetes is it surprising that this chronic disease influenced my list?…

The other day as I was responding to a writing prompt that asked what seven things would I put in a time capsule that would be opened in 100 years. As a person with diabetes is it surprising that this chronic disease influenced my list? A glucose meter was one of the seven things I put on my list.


Here’s what I wrote: 

Health is another big concern for people today. The population in the United States is getting older. Chronic diseases have become common. There is an epidemic of diabetes. The World Health Organization estimated that at the beginning of this century 33 million people in the Americas had diabetes. And they estimated that number would more than double by 2030. Diabetes is a disease that requires constant attention-taking medicine, carefully choosing what to eat, exercising regularly, and watching for complications. The device I’m including here is called a glucose monitor. It is used by someone with diabetes to keep track of his blood sugar levels. The person pricks a finger, puts a drop of blood on the test strip and the device reads the strip and gives him a number telling them if his blood sugar is high, low or normal. As someone who has diabetes, I can tell you it’s rare to have a normal reading.

What would you put in a time capsule to represent your experience with diabetes? 

Can a Dog Be Your Exercise Plan?

Forget the treadmill. Get a dog!

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The Well health blog in yesterday’s New York Times boldly proclaimed Forget the Treadmill. Get a Dog.

Oh, if only it were that simple. Get a dog; take it out for walks daily; and your daily exercise needs were met. The data from several studies show mixed results. Not everyone went out for walks. Some just put the dog out in the yard to run around. Others complained about the weather. And some said they were too old or frail to walk the dog. Still others hired someone to walk their dog!

“If we’re committed to a dog, it enables us to commit to physical activity ourselves.” Said Dr. Rebecca A. Johnson.

There is something that is extra motivating in doing for others—whether they are human or canine.



This Is NOT Helpful…

They put a bunch of data from other studies into a one big pool and came up with…a statistic. That’s it. …

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Diabetes Can Shorten Life by 6 Years, the headline screamed.

“A 50-year-old with diabetes dies six years sooner than someone without the disease…”

Oh my! I know a 50-year-old who happens to live with diabetes. What can be done to help her avoid this awful fate? Continue reading “This Is NOT Helpful…”

How to Stay OnTrack With an Android App

Are you looking for a compact, accurate way to track of your blood sugar levels, medication, exercise, carb counts, and test results? As they say, “There’s an APP for that!”

OnTrack makes it easy to collect, store and analyze of all your health journal information using your Android phone.

Are you looking for a compact, accurate way to track of your blood sugar levels, medication, exercise, carb counts, and test results?

As they say, “There’s an APP for that!”


App Name: OnTrack
Maker: GExperts
Price: FREE (donations accepted)

Find more information:
Android Marketplace: OnTrack Diabetes
Product Website: OnTrack Diabetes

OnTrack is a comprehensive Android app that lets you use your phone to record all the numbers and  information you would keep in a health journal.

OnTrack - Journal

Keeping a health journal is one of the most effective tools for managing diabetes.

A health journal gives you the raw data about what works well (and not so well) for you when it comes to managing diabetes.

With a health journal you can record all the things you do to maintain your health.

By reviewing your health journal you can see the trends over time. Are you maintaining tight control? What affect does your favorite meal have on your blood sugar? Are you getting enough exercise? A health journal can help you answer these kinds of questions which are so valuable to living well with diabetes. Continue reading “How to Stay OnTrack With an Android App”

What Jack LaLanne Taught Me About Building a Kingdom

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Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom. —Jack LaLanne

Fitness King Jack LaLanne passed away this week. His New York Times obit called him “the founder of the modern fitness movement.”  At 96 he was in better shape than most people half that age.

As he got older Mr. LaLanne used publicity stunts to let the world know he was still in very good shape. At 60 he swam from Alcatraz to Fisherman’s Wharf. Not a big deal? He did it handcuffed and towing a boat that weighed 1,000 lbs. At 70 he swam through Long Beach Harbor towing 70 people in 70 boats. A lot of people in their 70s are happy if they have the flexibility to tie their own shoes.

His fitness regime was about as simple as it comes: eat healthfully and exercise every day. Nutrition is the Queen. Exercise is the King.

This is very good advice for a person with diabetes. Continue reading “What Jack LaLanne Taught Me About Building a Kingdom”