The Cost of Testing

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The New York Times ran an article last week on the high cost of diabetes—not for society, but for the individual.

Protecting Yourself From the Cost of Type 2 Diabetes [ ]
Published: November 12, 2010
Diabetes patients spend $6,000 on average a year on care, one reason only 25 percent of diabetics get the treatment they need.

Oh wow. A useful article about the financial burden of diabetes. Then I read further…
The article asks what steps can patients take to reduce the cost of diabetes? Continue reading “The Cost of Testing”

An Election Day Plea

An Election Day Plee — Improve our nation’s food policies so that everyone’s health improves right now.

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As part of American Diabetes Month the ADA has put together a suggested list of blogging topics. Today’s suggested topic is:

Tuesday, November 2 Election Day – What issues are important to you? If you could tell your representatives one thing about diabetes, what would it be?  

The most obvious plea would be for funding research for a diabetes cure. But that’s like voting for Change We Can Believe In and expecting it to happen in 18 months. It’s a recipe for disappointment. What does a cure mean anyway? To me: No meds, no machines, no special routines. Will there be a cure? I hope so. Will I see it in my lifetime? I’m not so sure.

My immediate plea would be to improve this nation’s food policies and programs. This could have an enormous positive impact on people’s lives and health right now. And not just for the millions of people with diabetes, Continue reading “An Election Day Plea”