Side-by-Side: Rice

Conventional wisdom says that brown rice is better than white rice. Is it true?

Eat rice! And if you have diabetes make that brown rice.”

Frank De Lima, Commencement Address to Hawaii’s 2010 Graduates

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I admit I’m not a big fan of white rice.

I grew up eating Spanish rice. Long grain rice toasted with onion and garlic, then boiled in broth with whole canned tomatoes—NOT tomato sauce…yum! A bowl of plain, steamed white rice seems bland and uninteresting by comparison.

Here in Hawaii steamed white rice is the starch of choice. It’s everywhere. Automatically you get at least two scoops with every breakfast, lunch and dinner you order in a restaurant or as carryout. And they aren’t petite little ladylike scoops, but big Samoan-sized scoops. Continue reading “Side-by-Side: Rice”